RV, Car, and Boat Storage in Cambridge, MN

Where do you park your vehicles when you’re out of space? Let Cambridge Self Storage help. Vehicle storage is the most easy way to park your car, boat, RV or other large toys, so they are waiting for you when you need them.

Our Vehicle Storage

Why Boat Storage?

Because keeping your boat at home is a drag. You need more time to enjoy your recreational activities without the added stress of having your boat on your property.

Why RV Storage?

Because RV’s are just way too big. Storing an RV at home can be cumbersome. Unless you have a large garage or ample and unrestricted yard space, it will be difficult. Also, many homeowners associations prevent you from parking on the street, and keeping an RV in the driveway can make everyday coming and going a bit tricky.

Why Car Storage?

Because some people have too many cars. Car storage is an excellent option for a wide variety of car owners and collectors. Many owners prefer to store their classic or antique cars at Cambridge Self Storage until they are ready to take them to an auto show.

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